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“Kia ora”, Welcome to Rotorua
The city has over one million visitors a year and we know how our visitors want to be treated!  The Rotorua Branch of Ulysses meet at 9.30am each Saturday morning at the Aroma Café, cnr Fenton (1126 Fenton St) & Pukaki Streets for a yarn and coffee/tea. Motorcyclists are always welcome to park their bikes in Pukaki St, or in front of the café and join Rotorua Branch members

All you need to know about Rotorua
The Rotorua district has a multi-cultural population of approximately 70,000 people; some 35% are Maori. Rotorua city is located on the southern shore of Lake Rotorua, while the district includes a number of rural and lakeside communities. An international tourism icon, Rotorua is renowned as the heartland of Maori culture. There are 16 lakes in the vicinity of Rotorua, many of which are fishable lakes packed with rainbow and brown trout. The lakes, all formed from the craters of extinct volcanoes, are a popular attraction for many water-based activities. From the moment visitors enter Rotorua they know they’re somewhere quite different. Whether it’s the sneaky threads of steam finding unlikely escape routes in parks, pathways and streets or the distinct scent of sulphur wafting through geothermal hot spots, Rotorua offers an impressive welcome.


Leigh-Ann Crane
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About The Ulysses Club NZ

The Ulysses Club of NZ Inc. for older motorcyclists – one of the largest organisations of its kind in New Zealand – is now a familiar part of this country’s riding scene. All of our branches hold regular rides and social get togethers, for more information on events in your region go to the Branches page and either click on the link to your local branch website, or email or telephone the branch contact for more information. Usually they will be able to provide you with a runs list so you can go along. 

You will find we are a friendly bunch and while we are a club for motorcyclists over 40, the emphasis is more on the social side of motorcycling.   Spouses and partners are encouraged to take part in our events.


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The Ulysses Club for older motorcyclists, one of the largest organizations of its kind in New Zealand, is now a familiar part of this country’s riding scene. 

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